Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Fragments

Happy Friday!!!!  Link up here at Mrs. 444 site of your playing...

Mommy's Idea

My kids are too funny, and sometimes I wonder where they  come up with some of the things they say.

*I took Tyler to the doctor and in the elevator he out of no where broke into what looked like an irish jig...ummm we are Colombian! So I ask my darling boy... "Hey, what are you doing??" "Mom, I have no idea... my feet have the heebie jeebies!"  drrrr... I should have known!

*I overheard Isabel and Tyler playing, and Tyler says to Isabel "Hey why can't you come over to my house today?" (obviously playing a role) Isabel responds... "ummm not right now..I'm busy mabye in a month... or on monday"  what?  no concept of time apparently when they play

*The funniest thing my son does is talk in his sleep... I'm sorry baby, but its hilarious.  Apparently on wednesday night, after I left the house to go to the gym, and the kids were in bed, my husband fell asleep in the rocker with the baby.  He woke up to Tyler opening the door to the apartment and walking out!  So of course Carlos yells out "Hey, Ty... what are you doing??"  to which apparently Ty answers "I'm busy, mumble. mumble, mumble... I need the bathroom." Ummm not in the hallway you don't!  So Carlos redirected Ty to the bathroom, where he mumbled something about needing to go to his house, and then once he finished, said good night and crawled into bed!  So needless to say we have to lock the door even when we are just sitting there watching tv!

*We got home late on sunday, and as we were walking into the apartment, I was running through the list of things the kids needed to do before going to bed.  Ty interrupts and says to me... ooh ooh, mom we need to make some blueberry muffins for my snack tomorrow.  (its almost 9pm at this point) Ok, Ty its too late and you and Isabel ate my blueberries...  his response "oh, that's ok... you can go to the supermarket and buy more now."     I'm sure they will open the doors just for me to buy blueberries!

AND... that's it.  There's nothing else for this week... apparently I have either blanked on a lot of what they said, or they said nothing at all.


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